Board and Training Price List

BOX STALL                                                                                  $755.00

with Shavings

PADDOCKS                                                                    $560.00-610.00

Various Sizes with Partial Cover

Additional Fees:

Alternate Feed Choices 


Special Feed - Full Orchard or Timothy Hay                           $115.00


Special Feed - Half Orchard or Timothy Hay                            $58.00


Supplement Feeding 


Pre-Made and Pre- Bagged with your Feed                                $80.00


Smart Pak our Feed LMF Showtime                                          $100.00

All Prices reflect a 4% Cash Discount and are Subject to change



Board Only


Rates for Non Training and Non Service Clients

Includes Alfalfa Hay- Fed Twice Daily, Blanketing Service and Tack Locker


Board and Training Packages

Full Board includes: 12 x 12 Box Stall, Alfalfa hay fed twice daily, Blanketing Service and Tack Locker. Paddocks are pro-rated and alternate feed choices are an additional charge.


All Full Training Programs include: Grooming, Turn-Outs, Trainer Rides, Group Lessons, Vet and Farrier Scheduling, Show Clip, Supplies, Laundry Service, Trunk Storage, and Discounted Show Fees.

Additional Fees/Credits:

Alternate Feed Choices 


Special Feed - Full Orchard or Timothy Hay                           $115.00


Special Feed - Half Orchard or Timothy Hay                            $58.00


Paddock Credit


 Pro Rated by Paddock Size                                                                                                                                                                $145.00  -$195.00 



All Inclusive Board and Training


Includes Full Board with choice of feed , extra feed or shavings if needed, specialized lunch program, concentrated feed supplement with joint and hoof supplements, supplement feeding, mane pulls. Full Service Training Program, with additional Monday turn outs, no charge private lessons. Therapeutic treatments at home and at shows. No additional service charges except; night watch, medications, show fees and show charges.

Full Care Board and Full Care Training


Includes- 6 day a week full service program, show trims, monthly supplies, supplement feeding, and private lessons. Icing and Therapeutic treatments (TheraPlate 2-4 days per week & self-serve access).  Mane pull offered at a discount of $25.00

Full Board and Training


Includes- 6 day a week full training program, maximum of 3 lessons per week, show trim, icing, and monthly supplies.  Private lessons for Training clients $20 extra

Full Board and Basic Training


Includes 2 lessons (no grooming), and 1 trainer school. Includes vet and farrier scheduling, and discounted show fees.  Additional and Private lessons for Basic Training clients at full price.

Full Care Board and Full Care Lay-Up Training


6 day per week-grooming, hand walking 15 minutes twice per day, or 15 min hand walk once and sun pen, medicating and treatments, supplies, supplement feeding, wrapping, icing and Therapeutic treatments (TheraPlate 2-4 times per week & self-serve access). Lessons for Full Lay-up Training clients $75.00 (if horses available)

Full Board and Lay-Up Training


5 day per week- grooming, hand walking 15 minutes once per day or sun pen, once daily medicating and treatments, wrapping, and monthly supplies. Additional days or services can be added at a discount. Lessons for Lay-up Training clients $85.00 (if horses available)

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Lesson Prices

Own Horse- $85.00                RCR Horse- $100.00                  Haul-In- $120.00


Please see our full brochures for prices of all additional services offered. 


Board and Training Brochure-with price list 

Additional Services - price list

Supplement Program