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Rainbow Canyon Ranch is a  private equestrian facility located in the beautiful San Gabriel Canyon in Azusa California. 


We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention for your beloved equine and ensure your horse will enjoy living in a quiet, peaceful environment.


We feed only the best quality hay, offering a choice of Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard or a Combination, that will best suit your horses' needs. We also offer a lunch and supplement feeding program for horses that require extra feed or care.


Our 24 hour onsite staff is attentive to your horses well-being; if there are ever any signs of illness or lameness you will be notified and care will be administered immediately. 



* Horses are fed on a regular schedule, twice a day with option for lunch   

* All stalls are cleaned daily and have automatic waterers

*12 x 12 Box Stalls have open air gates with scoop necks

* 24 x 24 and 12 x 24 Outdoor Paddocks with covers

* Five riding arenas, one lighted- and six turn out arenas

* Individual tack locker provided per horse

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