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Linda Gatti-Sears

Linda, who is the daughter of Chuck and Mary Gatti, has been an avid horsewomen and an integral part of Rainbow Canyon Ranch all her life. Linda literally grew up encircled by her mothers' ever expanding training business. Lindas' junior and early amateur years were spent in the spotlight competing at Local, National and Canadian events. Her riding accomplishments include winning numerous championships, hunter classics and year end awards. Behind the scenes at Rainbow Canyon Ranch, Linda manages the books, billing and many of the day to day duties involved in running the Gattis' successful family business. Lindas' husband Tony Sears, practices Civil Litigation Law. They have two daughters, Rachael and Claire which have both become avid horse enthusiasts, like their Mom. Linda can be seen on the "other"side of the show ring behind the camera, supporting Claire in the Amateur Hunter Divisions.

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