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Due to COVID-19 we are offering Accelerated Lesson Packages only. Our Riding School Lesson Program is full and has a waiting list ; we are hoping to be offering regular riding lessons soon. Please contact the office at 626-334-9480 if you are interested in one of our Accelerated Programs or to be placed on the waiting list for Regular Riding Lessons. -Thank You, RCR

 Rainbow Canyon Ranch's Lesson Program is designed to provide quality Hunt Seat riding instruction to riders of all levels.


Lessons include educating students on the proper care and handling of horses. And emphasizes learning to ride by building a strong foundation, with solid basics.


Our qualified Instructors, teach the basics of horsemanship through fun and rewarding exercises. A tried and true method that has produced National Level Champions.


Our Riding School offers an accelerated program for riders desiring to move into our Full Training Program. Horse showing is encouraged for our accelerated students. Leasing is available, and Instructors are skilled in helping riders purchase their first horse. 

Private Walk /Trot Lesson                                                                            $55.00

Private Walk /Trot / Canter Lesson                                                             $60.00

Private Jump Lesson                                                                                    $75.00

Group Lesson                                                                                                 $65.00

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